As every year, children in our schools – here in Ifetedo – present a Christmas play which helps them to understand the true message of Christmas.
They like it, and the audience loves it.

On December 3rd, we had another attempt of armed robbery in Mgbele, at about 9 p.m. The ten young men, armed, caught two of our night watchmen who returned from the school compound and wanted to get into our convent compound. The robbers beat them badly. One of them could get into the convent, the other one was kept as a means of pressure. Our dogs alerted the sisters,and they secured the Orphanage and the convent and started calling for help.

Vigilantes and police came, shooting into the air while far away, scaring the robbers off. However, both men were badly hurt, one shot into the stomach. None of the children or sisters were hurt, thank God. Before Christmas, the many jobless and poor young men turn into robbers because the situation in the country is so bad.

On November 13, 2015, our Sister Kelechi Ifoegbu, PHJC professed her final vows in the Mother of all Southern Catholic churches in Nigeria, in Mt. Carmel Church Emekuku. Archbishop Obinna of Owerri presided at the Eucharist, and about 200 guests attended, including almost all the sisters of the Pro-Region and children from Angel Guardian Home as well as Gioja School in Mgbele. We now have nine sisters in final vows from Nigeria.

With the changes in Nigerian school development plans, we can now keep the students for classes 6-8, the former Junior Secondary School. So in all schools the sisters try to extend the existing buildings and to get the teachers educated for these extra classes. Except for Mgbele school, all have to try and get additional rooms. 

After many surgeries in Germany, Yetunde can walk, although for long stretches she still needs crutches. She went back to Nigeria happily on May 25th. With the help of the Sisters, her mother has a better place to dwell, has work with payment, and for the children the school fees have been paid for the coming year. Children in several kindergartens in Wesseling (Germany) support her, and we all wish her well.

Sr. Barbara, a member of the General Leadership, visited Nigeria for a short time in May. Here we see her with the new novices. Their names (from left): Sr. Rita, Sr. Roseline, Sr. Salem, Sr. Barbara, Sr. Blessing and Sr. Agnes.

In April 2015 new novices and postulants were accepted into the congregation. The photo shows Sr. Kelechi, the formation directress, and Fr. Godwin, who officiated at the mass, with the new members in initial formation.

On March 1st 2015, we had the joy of accepting five young women as aspirants into the Congregation. We wish them God’s blessings as they start theirinitial formation journey after reception into postulancy on the 7th of March.
From the left: Ita, Veronica, Anastasia, Mary, and Margaret. 

The formation community on 25th of March. Our titular feast was celebrated with cultural dances.

 The Administration block in the Mgbele School could be finished in February 2015, thank God. It is a great enrichment for all there.

Finally in February 2015, the students and teachers in Azhin Kasa School could use the computers again, and all the children had access to clean water. The sisters could buy a larger Generator in order to use the things that need electricity. For many months, there was no electricity again – although we pay the fees for it. Now all are happy.

The extension to the convent building in Mgbele has been roofed in January 2015.