After long waiting and many applications finally the building of a new convent in Azhin Kasa, Niger State, has been brought up so that we can see it. It is meant to house the sister teachers who so far, since 2008, spent many hours every school day in the school bus collecting and taking back the children before they finally got to Garam and their home convent. With the new convent which hopefully soon can be opened, there can be real community life for the sisters. We are very happy that through the generous donation by a former sister teacher, this building could be put up. 

On March 28th we could celebrate the first profession of three of our novices: Sr. Faith, Sr. Nwadinma and Sr. Osinachi. Owing to the outbreak of the Pandemic, only very few family members could attend. But it was a joyful day for all and we thank God for it.

For a long time sisters had been waiting for this new building in Azhin Khasa. It has reached the first step in the construction now. There is still a lot to do, but the hope exists that the sisters teaching there, soon will be able to live next to the school. Now they have to leave Garam before 6 a.m. with the first school bus and only return after 6 p.m. The generous donation of a benefactor in Germany made that possible. We are very grateful.